DXF-350 / DXF-1200

  • Can be custom made. Not intended as an industrial or commercial dehumidifier. It is more suitable for the family homes, villas, saunas, swimming pool, bathrooms, which are desiccant wet places.
  • When equipped with a fresh filter, it effectively circulates and purifies indoor air. Useful for healthcare facilities or family homes. Compact size which does not take up too much space.
  • Programmable controller which can be set to start up and shut down on a custom schedule. Easy to operate.
  • Smart screen LCD controller with automatic defrosting device.
  • Several advanced safety features: compressor protection device, high and low voltage protection, antifreeze, to prevent frost inverse pressure overload protection. Multiple fault detection and display devices, to insure secure and stable operation.
  • The dehumidifier uses a professional microcomputer controller, which can adjust the relative humidity to the user’s desire. Once the users sets the required temperature and humidity the machine will run automatically.
  • The machine may also be operated by remote control with 485 communication functions. For easy remote programing.