What is Pillow Packing? 


Pillow packing or Pillowpack or Pillow wrap machine

The packing of pillow packing or pillowpack or pillow wrap machine will be packed by pillow wrap machine. It is used with soft packaging. It is a packing method where a roll of film moves through a roller and is formed into a tube and then sealed or gas is injected into the bag causing an aneurysm, also known as a “pillow pouch”. The package comes out in the shape of a pillow, with a center seal in the centerpack and end seal.


Consists of Horizontal form fill seal machine and Vertical form fill seal machine. Packing machine (เครื่องแพ็ค), the model that the company sells has many models, many designs according to the desired size. Driven by Servo Motor with automatic conveying system.


A pillow packing or pillowpack has many advantages. This is to protect the product from light and outside air that affects the color, smell, taste of food will make the seal leak-free Helps to extend the life of food or products Let it last as long as it is guaranteed. This is to prevent moisture, germs or small insects to destroy the texture which directly affects the quality of the product.

Horizontal packing machine or Horizontalpack or Horizontal wrapping machine 


Horizontal packing machine automatic horizontal packing machine horizontal form fill machine Japanese packing machine Suitable for high production plants controlled by Inverter, Servo Motor to increase work efficiency and product feeder. Can see the real machine working at the company Sales staff and professional technician team are ready. After-sales service technician team, quality machines Nationwide service area 35 years of experience #centerpack #end seal


In addition, production process need for high-capacity machines to increase the value of the investment. The good machine must have a system that helps to simplify the work that takes place while doing high-speed wrapping such as wrong packing, no product inside the bag Cutting, chopping, sealing the product causing damage, etc.


Omori horizontal packing machine or horizontalpack or horizontal wrapping machine, there are systems that are designed to reduce such losses. which customers can choose a set of accessories to maximize production potential and with minimal waste which can call to consult Or come to visit the real machine at the showroom on Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Saturday from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM, where customers can bring their products to test packs without any cost.



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The current merchandising especially products for export, in addition to the quality of the product must meet the specified standards. Internationally standardized machines. It’s an important factor that adds value to the product, both in terms of beauty and the strength of the package Design to have a clean packing process suitable for the product. Made from materials that are certified to be safe in direct contact with the product. And has been certified by the agency responsible for auditing and issuing international standards which is an important part to make the product have a trustworthy face able to export to leading countries around the world.