What is Metal Halide Lamp?


This type of lamp is also known as an ‘MH’ lamp. It is an HID lamp (High Intensity Discharge), which means it provides most of its light from the electric arc within a small discharge tube. It is becoming increasingly popular due to its good quality white light and good efficiency. The most prominent use of the MH lamp is in stadiums and sports fields. It is also used widely for parking lots and street lighting in urban areas. Its competitors include the HPS lamp, mercury vapor lamp, LPS lamp, halogen lamps, and LEDs. MH lamps have advantages over the rest which make it more useful for certain applications.



  • More pure white light than the popular HPS lamps, close to daylight frequencies, which allows it to be used for growing plants
  • More energy efficient than mercury vapor and halogen lamps, great lumen output
  • Good for indoor (high ceiling areas – “high bay” applications) and outdoor use due to good light quality