CFZ-7.0FT / CFZ-40FT

  • High-performance imported fully enclosed piston compressor. Safety, reliable, efficient and effective.
  • High performance, low noise centrifugal fan, capable of handling a high volume of air, and high static pressure while producing low noise and smooth operation.
  • Using our factory introduced American OAK production line processing, the heat exchange’s thermal transfer efficiency is greatly increased.
  • Using ribbed highly efficient electric heat pipes, small volume, high thermal efficiency, expansion valve filters, electromagnetic valves, high and low pressure control. Pressure gauge and so on. All components feature imported famous brands.
  • Uses high reliability components and high performance control methods to ensure the safe, reliable defrosting. The frost layer is handled completely, which increases the heat transfer performance of the unit.
  • High-performance liquid crystal control panel. Highly customizable control precision, and reliability.
  • Optional remote control, which can help reduce the time needed to operate the unit.