JDH-G030Z / JDH-G060Z

  • JDH-G series ultrasonic mist humidifi er with integrated internal mist module.
  • The chip is replaceable, is easy to maintain. and boasts a high humidifi cation effi ciency.
  • The diameter of fog output is only 1-10um. Maximum relative humidity reaches 99%.
  • Intelligent, accurate humidity control.
  • Humidity control system with imported world class probe.
  • The control’s precision is within +/- 5%.
  • Easy to move, convenient to install, and may be mounted on an external wall.
  • Both automatic and manual humidity control is available.
  • Clean and sturdy stainless steel body. Equipped with standard water feeding gap, water release switch, overfl ow gap etc. The water feeding gap will fi ll with water automatically.
  • A high concentration of negative ions can be effectively suspended in the air to kill harmful